UGI Corporation

UGI Corporation is an international energy distribution and services company that provides superior service in delivering a range of energy products.

Our Mission

UGI’s mission is to be the preeminent energy distribution company in our markets – natural gas midstream in the eastern US and LPG distribution in the US and Europe – by providing a superior range of energy services to our customers

Our Vision

At UGI, we believe that safe, reliable, and affordable energy is a necessity for our customers and communities. We strive to deliver this fundamental need through best-in-class safety, operations, products and services while enhancing the experience of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve.

Our People’s Safety

Safety is not only our top priority and one of our core values — it’s a way of life for us. At UGI, we are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, and to making safety a priority in all of our interactions with colleagues, customers and the communities we serve.

We maintain a strong safety culture and emphasize the importance of everyone’s role in identifying, mitigating and communicating safety risks across the Company. UGI believes the achievement of superior safety performance is an important short-term and long-term strategic initiative. Safety is included as a component of the annual bonus calculation for executives and non-executives, reinforcing our commitment to safety across our organization.

Diversity at UGI

UGI believes that diversity and inclusion are essential to business success. We want all employees to be respected and valued while offering everyone the opportunity to enhance their careers. By fostering an environment that values diversity we can leverage talent, unique perspectives, and varying employee experiences to ensure continued long-term success. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (our Code) includes expectations related to our work environment, including guidelines to prevent workplace harassment. We provide ongoing diversity and inclusion training for all employees. UGI continues to increase its focus on representation of women and minorities across our businesses with a goal that our workforce represent the communities in which we operate.

Opportunities at UGI Corporation

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