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Equal treatment for all.

At Sound Transit, we believe that a diverse workforce and an inclusive environment where all voices are heard are what makes us a better, stronger, more innovative and creative company. Differing backgrounds, cultures, perspectives and beliefs gives us a richer and more empowered workforce. We strive to cultivate a work environment that is high-performing and compassionate, where all have equitable opportunities to grow and succeed, and each employee brings their authentic selves to do their best work to accomplish our mission.

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Transform the region with us.

Yes, it’s a big ask, but at Sound Transit, we are all about going big. We are working on the largest system expansion effort in the country and connecting more people to more places. We are also committed to doing things the right way by creating equitable opportunities for all and providing continued career growth and development. So if you’re looking for a meaningful career where you can “go big” and truly make a difference, you’ve come to the right place.

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