We keep care at home.

Our mission

At Seniorlink, we look for the most talented individuals to help meet collective team goals. Our focus is to provide support to families caring for loved ones at home. We strive to fundamentally change how healthcare services are viewed and delivered through our innovative models and new technologies. Join us on our journey to serve millions of families and help shape the future of healthcare tech.

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Employee Testimonial

“Our small-but-growing remote coaching team is like a family. We look out for one another and make sure we all pitch in to support and help where it’s needed.”
Darren, Care Coach

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to listening more intently, learning from one another and fulfilling our individual and organizational responsibilities to uncover and overcome injustice and to embrace a culture of diversity.

Our Power of Difference Employee Resource Group strives to have all voices heard and barriers removed to advance us toward a work environment where we embrace differences, listen carefully and care deeply.

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Opportunities at Seniorlink

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