Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

Discovering medicines that make a difference for patients, creating value for our fellow shareholders, and empowering our passionate team.

At Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, how we do things is as important as what we do.

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals is a patient-focused, biopharmaceutical company on a mission to push the boundaries of the gastrointestinal (GI) field by advancing the treatment of GI diseases and redefining the standard of care for millions of patients.

“With our focus and a passionate leadership team with extensive GI experience and deep relationships within the GI community, we have an intimate understanding of the patient journey, and are making progress towards our mission every day.”

We are one of the few biopharmaceutical companies that has discovered, developed, and now commercialize a blockbuster drug, LINZESS® (linaclotide).

Our core values

  • Transform Patient Lives: Leverage our insights, capabilities, and expertise to see the most critical patient needs.
  • Innovate Meaningfully: Think boldly, experiment proactively, and take initiative to create new possibilities in the GI world.
  • Challenge and Collaborate: Encourage different opinions and points of views in decision-making.
  • Practice Humanity: Recognize that our people are the cornerstone of Ironwood.
  • Own The Outcome: Honor our commitments to our patients, stakeholders, and one another by upholding a performance-driven culture.

About our name

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals has always taken the long view: we hope to grow substantial value and, one step at a time, earn the right to build an enduring pharmaceutical company that helps people lead better lives. So we named ourselves after the ironwood tree, which can live for thousands of years in the harshest desert, creating a shaded microclimate in which life thrives. We also like that the word “ironwood” is both hard and soft. Iron like science, is undeniable and strong. Wood, like artistry and humanity, is flexible, adaptive and versatile. The two words together represent our passion for the art and science of making medicines.

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