Diversity is in our roots and we continue to bring people and cultures together.

Building an inclusive workplace


HSBC offers a comprehensive, market-competitive pay and benefits package to support employees’ professional and personal needs. This may vary according to your role and location.

HSBC’s approach to remuneration consists of four main elements:

  • Fixed pay
  • Annual leave
  • A range of benefits, which may cover areas such as work-life balance, insurance and savings, health and personal development
  • Employee share plans and discretionary pay awards based on performance. Learn More

Our Commitment to diversity

Creating a diverse workforce that is engaged and fully supported is a key priority of HSBC. Providing opportunities to harness diverse perspectives and backgrounds to deliver our strategy and help connect customers to a range of opportunities near and far provides HSBC with a competitive advantage and the promise of a more sustainable and inclusive future. Learn more about our commitments to diversity and the recent appointment of Ralph Jardine as Head of Inclusion and Culture in the US.

“I am excited to step into this role and have the opportunity to make truly meaningful and lasting change, where inclusivity and equity is even more valued as an enabler of a high performance culture. There is a lot to be done, but I feel confident we have the leadership and the will to ensure we are inclusive in all that we do with our employees, clients and communities. I’m proud to be leading this effort.” – Ralph Jardine, Head of Inclusion and Culture at HSBC. Learn More

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