Working together to address addiction, serious mental illness and cancer.

Working Here

We believe that being a positive force for change begins when we dare to expect more of ourselves, and of the broader healthcare ecosystem. Collectively, we strive with relentlessness and compassion to help improve options and outcomes for patients, families and communities impacted by serious mental illness, addiction and cancer. Our employees exemplify passion and connection to our purpose – many are motivated by their own experiences or those of loved ones who have lived with diseases central to our mission. Their tireless dedication to the people we serve is celebrated and recognized throughout the company. We believe in rewarding hard work, recognition and sharing our successes so that our employees feel valued and are encouraged to succeed. As you discover more about our company and our people, we hope you will notice the unique elements that define our culture.

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in respect for all and an unwavering commitment to, and passion for, our work. We value collaboration, creativity and compassion, as we are driven to develop and deliver innovative treatment options to people living with serious health conditions. The unique qualities that each person and every voice contributes to our culture are valued, and we strive to foster and maintain an environment of diversity, inclusion and belonging in our workplaces.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

The work we do isn’t the only thing that makes a career at Alkermes rewarding – our employees have access to a competitive benefits package that includes all the basic options (like medical, dental and vision), and a number of benefits and programs to help employees build their financial future, manage their health and wellness and balance the demands of work and family.

Opportunities at Alkermes

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