About Us

Founded in 2014, Aledade offers a new model of primary care that keeps physicians right where they want to be: building strong, impactful relationships with their patients. Aledade has grown rapidly and currently partners with hundreds of practices responsible for nearly 1.7 million patients across 37+ states to support the delivery of seamless, affordable, high-quality care.

Diversity & Inclusion

Aledade is committed to diversity and inclusion and fostering a culture where each and every employee can bring their true selves to work. To help support this effort, we formed the following voluntary employee-led Affinity Resource Groups (ARGs)ARGs at Aledade are critical partners in helping drive forward initiatives that:

  • Promote diversity and inclusion education in alignment with Aledade’s core values
  • Support diversity in recruitment for Aledade as an employer of choice for all people
  • Provide a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for Aledade staff and the people we serve
  • Advance patient advocacy initiatives to ensure access to care, better health, and wellness among patients (including their support network), Aledade employees, and practice staff
  • Create an inclusive environment to build relationships and allies across the company, including positive role models and mentorship opportunities


Black & African Diaspora + Allies

Aledade develops and maintains a diverse and inclusive environment for all Aledade employees through education, networking, cultural awareness and community service related to Black and African Diaspora

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